“Rupert Senior is a real artist-cabinetmaker and as one of the craftsmen who designed and made the splendid American Black walnut cabinets for the Adam architectural drawings in Sir John Soane’s Museum, we are proud to have such superb examples of his work at the Soane.” 

Tim Knox FSA  

Sir John Soane’s Museum 


“We have worked closely with Rupert Senior on the design and making of two substantial pieces of furniture for Petworth – a folio table and a large bookcase.  We have always found him a pleasure to deal with and we have great admiration for his skills as a craftsman and a designer.

Lord and Lady Egremont

Petworth House

“Rupert and I have worked together on an eclectic mix of furniture over the last 20 years.  He absorbs and responds to the spirit of the project be it traditional, contemporary, or indefinable!  It goes without saying that every piece is beautifully finished.” 

Sarah Wodehouse, Decibel Designs

Member, British Institute of Interior Design

“We have had many pieces of furniture made by Rupert, both for the home and for the workplace.  We have always been delighted by his professionalism, his imagination and his flexibility.  When we have a fixed idea in mind, he can execute it perfectly.  Conversely, when we are undecided he can take us in new directions we had not expected.  He can work equally well with wood and with other contemporary materials.  And the thing that makes it all such a delightful experience is that Rupert himself takes such enormous pleasure and pride in what he is doing.  That is why the final product is always so satisfying, and why his pieces will last.”

Jonathan Crow QC

“There are two great pleasures to be had when commissioning a piece from Rupert .

The first is that he allows, indeed encourages, you to be part of the process. Not in the sense of allowing you actually to wield the chisel, but in sharing the design experience with you. It’s an iterative experience, in which your wish for a new table or sideboard is investigated and discussed so that you find out exactly what you want –the size, the wood, the look, how it relates to the room and what’s in it, how it will be used. He allows you in this way to be a part of his craft.

The second is of course the piece itself, the pleasure it gives to you every time you see it, year after year. You never tire of a work of real craftsmanship. Nor do you ever tire of the comments of visitors, from whose admiration of the workmanship you can infer an equal admiration of your wisdom in the choice of maker.”

Dick Russell

“We wanted to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the work you have done for us to date. You interpreted our intent for the pieces we commissioned and have designed and delivered the highest quality of work – we are absolutely delighted and look forward to working with you as we continue to develop our home.”

Laurie and James Wates

“The whole process of working with Rupert was a pleasure from beginning to end. We had a lot of fun inputting into the design to get exactly what we wanted, and we ended up with a truly beautiful piece of furniture”

             Chris and Caroline Pilling